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Amcrest nvr initialization. Security camera network video recorder nvr cctv, add analog or ip camera

In this amcrest nvr video I will guide you on how to configure the network video recorder Amcrest 1080n ProHD 16 Channel – Security Camera nvr In another video I cover the network video recorder unboxing and hard drive installation, check it out here:
In this Amcrest surveillance camera system how to I will over how to initialize a network video recorder and how to setup your mobile phone to connect to a CCTV system, also known as Closed Circuit TV system.

Network video recorder vs Digital Video Recorder ( dvr ).

The main feature of a network video recorder when it comes to security camera systems is the ability to do networking, to have network ip cameras connected in a TCP/IP network. Security Network Video Recorders can connect over a wired network connection or a wireless network connection.

That’s the main difference.

These network video recorder systems have taken over the entire cctv market using other technologies, since a network video recorder surveillance system can connect ,interact and transmit over the internet to other home security automation systems.

This how nvr setup will help you understand the basic network video setup connections and initial setup of the nvr hard drive, initialization and most essential nvr settings.

How to dvr installation series will cover IP camera security camera, will be posting the playlist at:

I will record another video for this amcrest network video recorder security camera system, to show you how to connect ip cameras to a network video recorder, I will use amcrest IP security cameras and other brand’s IP surveillance camera as well.

Also I will post a separate video on the network video recorder setup only portion of this video in order to better help those who have purchased this amcrest security network video recorder setup their units.

If you need to buy it just go to this link: If you don’t have a NVR you can choose one of these depending of your needs




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