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Antminer S9 How to mine DBG Digibyte mining altcoins cryptocurrency with bitmain s9

How to mine cryptocurrency other than bitcoin using an antminer s9.
In this mining tutorial, I guide you on how to mine digibyte with a antminer S9 ASIC cryptocurrency miner Knowing what altcoins to mine with your available crypto mining hardware like the bitmain antminer S9 is one of the main profit points a miner can decide on.

Unlike cloud mining where contracts are assigned to predefined pool and coins, having your own mining hardware offers a wider range of increased profit opportunities on what and when to mine different alt coins like digibytes that will make you hardware mining investment more profitable than bitcoin mining at a certain point in time.

Bitmain S9 antminer is capable of mining most SHA-256 coins and digibyte mining is a coin where it provides the most profit between all algorithms DGB mining has available DGB mining can be done using multiple algorithms and mining hardware, on this video I will provide an insight on how digibyte altcoin works and how to mine DGB-SHA with a bitmain s9 What makes DGB a different coin ? – It can be mined with disimilar cryptocurrency mining hardware using multiple crypto algorithms like: SHA-256 – Profitable when Using ASIC miner like bitmain S9 GROESTL-Profitable when Using GPU mining rigs Scrypt -Profitable when Using ASIC miner like bitmain L3+ QuBit -Profitable when Using mainly CPU or GPU Skein -Profitable when Using GPU mining rigs

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