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Antminer S9 mining nicehash pool-howto bitcoin mining nicehash profit-antminer setup-crypto mine btc

How to antminer s9 nicehash setup, bitcoin mining with an ASIC Bitmain Antminer S9 In this guide I will guide you on the necessary steps to complete and install antminer setup for mining bitcoins on NiceHash pool.

This NiceHash marketplace mining tutorial will guide you on how get the miner worker and pool configuration from NiceHash’s platform and setup NiceHash BTC mining into the Antminer S9 web interface.

Depending on crypto currency market prices, hashing difficulty, sometimes mining with NiceHash is profitable versus mining Bitcoin, mining bitcoin cash or mining other alt-coins.

Nicehash profits are paid in daily payouts, also a good reason for mining farms that require nicehash daily profits to maintain mining profitability.

NiceHash profit on our tests have been paid daily.

Nicehash is a market place where miners with mining hardware can sell cryptocurrency hashing power by pointing their crypto miner hardware towards NiceHash pooled system and then buyers can buy that hashing power from the sellers that provided the mining rig.

Nicehash will make a margin profit out of these transactions, allowing miners that want to mine bitcoin or other altcoin without having to actually buy physical mining equipment, emulating and competing with cloud based mining like hashflare cloud mining.


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Most asked questions I receive about bitcoin miners:


Q) Whether bitcoin mining is still profitable on 2017 and if the Bitmain Antminer S9 is a sound investment that can generate recurring bitcoins income.

A) Yes! As of december 2017 the Antminer S9 is still profitable.

Q) Is the bitmain antminer s9 still profitable ?

A) Yes ! see above question ! We are reaching 10,000 USD/BTC as of december 2017. The antminer S9 is still profitable !

Q) How much money can I earn with the Antminer s9

A) Antminer S9 profit : you can make bitcoins worth about 300 USD every month depending of your energy costs and what crypto coins or mining pools you chose to mine bitcoins or alt coins.

Q) Can I make money with GPU coin mining in 2017 ?

A) Yes, while you will not make lots of money there are many alt coins that can be mined using a GPU nowadays, also you might consider to point your GPU miner towards NiceHash pools and the payout will be in bitcoins.

Q) What does the antminer s9 mine best ?

A) You should daily check, where you will gain insights on what is the s9 will mine best depending on how the market and bitcoin price goes up or down. whattomine will help you.

Q) How much s9 earn in BTC, BTH and other crypto currencies alt –

A) This hardware bitcoin miner can make you anywhere from 10 to 25 USD BTC on the antminer s9 per month as of december 2017.

Q) Is the bitmain antminer s9 scam ?

A) No, the bitmain antminer s9 is not an scam. It is mining hardware and you bill be taking a risk if a faster miner comes to market or the price/complexity equation changes. However, the s9 miner is not an scam.

Q) How to bitcoin cash mining with antminer S9 ?

A) You must direct your miner to a bitcoin cash pool, I will be soon posting a video on bitcoin cash mining. antminer s9 and bth mining are fully compatible.

Q) bitmain antminer s9 what cryptocurrency to mine ?

A) You should daily check, where you will gain insights on what is the s9 will mine best depending on how the market and bitcoin price goes up or down.

Q) What are the antminer s9 earnings ?

A) See above, the miner earnings BTH BTC and alt coins should be checked daily on to have a glance of the most profitable crypto to mine.

Q) How to make money with bitcoin in 2017 ?

A) I will be posting a video soon on how to make a profit with bitcoin, basically there are many options: 1- buy and hold expecting to return a profit if prices keep going up 2- buy a miner and return a profit in crypto currency, then you have the option to hodl btc,hodl bth or any alt coin mined with s9 (1) or sell.


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