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How to view the OHWAI network video recorder from your phone or mobile device

We are following up on my previous video unboxing the OHWAI network video recorder. In this article, we explain the steps to set up the mobile NVR client for Android devices to allow viewing security footage remotely.


1 – Upon login in, the network video recorder displays a QR code, pointing to the mobile application’s download URL.

2 – For Android devices, the application is “IP Pro,” you’re going to be asked to allow the application to access your multimedia resources. Next, create an account using a cell phone number or an email, I’m going to use an email.

3 – Enter an email to be used as a user name. The OHWAI cloud sends a confirmation email with a verification code. grab that activation code, paste it and choose a password, entering it twice to confirm it.

4 – Go into the application and allow the permissions to record audio if you want to have bi-directional audio with your cameras to communicate with someone nearby.

5 – To link the mobile application to your specific NVR, capture the QR code found on the NVR device’s menu that contains your NVR’s ID.

ext, enter the OHWAI NVR’s user name and password and tap login to complete linking the mobile app to your NVR.

6- Functionality wise, clicking on one of the cameras zooms it in, rotating the mobile device changes the view to a zoomed-in, bigger horizontal view

7- On the horizontal camera view, you have controls to manage PTZ cameras. In my case, I don’t have cameras with that functionality, but you have controls to pan zoom and tilt; also there are controls to record, take a picture; record video.

The system also provides you with visual cues of how much bandwidth in megabytes per second is using.

Tapping “Playback” allows moving back and forth in time to view previous recordings. You can change the aspect ratio of the screen between 4.3 16.9 and the original.

On the vertical view, you have controls to back up a recording segment into your phone. Tapping at the top backup button provides you with controls to select the channel, the starting time and the end time of the interval that you want to back up into your mobile device.

That is pretty much all the functionality that comes with the OHWAI mobile client. If you like this type of video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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