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Wireless to wired printing

A few requirements to make this setup permanent,

Make sure your printers or resources you would like to make available on the SonicWall for wireless printing and wireless access have a static IP address assigned, either manually or via DHCP reservation.

In my specific case, I would like to make available these two Sharp printers with IP and for printing from WIFI connected devices.

vThis will ensure that the wired printers do not change IP address latter on and that this wireless printing setup stops working

Let’s open the SonicWall web console and login with your SonicWall administrator credentials

let’s browse to the option “manage” at the top menu

click on “objects” on the left menu, then in address objects

On this screen we are going to define, if you have not done so an address object for each one of the wired network printer’s IP address, this will let the SonicWall device know where your printer or printers are on the LAN network, Click on Add at the top,
On the dialog, type a friendly name you can identify latter on for the wired printer, select LAN for the Zone Assignment if your printer is connected to the default LAN network, in the field type Select host to indicate that you are defining a single IP address (the network printer IP), then enter the network printer IP address and click add to finish adding the network printer object.
Repeat the process for each wired network printer or printers you would like to enable wireless printing for.

Since I am adding 2 printers. grouping them will make things simpler

To do that, click on “Address Groups” at the top,

On the pop out window Type a friendly name for the printer group on the Name field, Select the printer objects you created on the previous step and add them to the group clicking on the right pointing arrow middle button and Click “ok” to create the network printer group
Next, lets create the access rules in the SonicWall device that will enable printing from wifi devices to the local area network wired printers

Click on Rules and then “Access rules” on the left menu

Click on the “Add” button at the top to create the new SonicWall access rule

Select “allow” on the Action, in the field “From”,

Select WLAN on the “From” field to indicate that traffic will be originated on the wireless network

Select LAN on the “To” field to indicate that traffic will be open to reach the wired network

Select any on the “Service” field

Select “WLAN Subnets” on the “Source” field

Select Destination the name of the wired printer group created on the previous step, in my case “LAN-Printers”

Click on “Add” to complete adding the SonicWall access rule.

You could have selected “Any” on the “Destination” field, however that will open your entire wired LAN to any virus or crypto viruses your mobile devices might be infected with. I highly advise you not to do that, since it will make your entire wired local area network more vulnerable to this type of events.

Wireless to wired printing

Estamos haciendo un seguimiento de mi anterior video de desempaquetado de la grabadora de video en red OHWAI. En este artículo, explicamos los pasos para configurar el cliente NVR móvil para dispositivos Android para permitir la visualización remota de las imágenes de seguridad.


1 – Al iniciar sesión, la grabadora de vídeo en red muestra un código QR que apunta a la URL de descarga de la aplicación móvil.

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